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A search for information about Mrs Esther J Franklin

This text is written by Peter Josefsson on 04/12/2012

I search for information about Mrs Esther J Franklin, born in Sweden 1884 with full maiden name Ester Elin Josefine Johansson. 

She was my fathers aunt and moved from Sweden to United States year 1900 sixteen years old and passed away 95 years old in Los Angeles. She must have had a VERY interesting life. She moved to United States in the year 1900, 16 years old.

Around 1901/1902 she was employed by the famous railway-king Edward H Harriman and in the family with 5 children she was almost like a daughter and was travelling around the world with them. When one of Harrimans daughters married with Robert Gerry she followed as a "companion" on their Honeymoon trip to London and Paris. Is there anyone who can tell me more about this period of her life?

After the Harriman period she learnt the modist profession from Henry Bendel, 5th avenue in NY and started a shop in LA by her own. Any one who can tell more about this?

She also worked as a companion to the wife of the famous lawyer Untermeyer. Anyone who can tell me about this period of her life?

She was married to Mr Franklin 5 happy years before he passed away. I have no given name of her husband. Is there anyone who can give more information on this period of her life?

I'm very grateful for any information I can get, - submitted by Peter Josefsson on 04/12/2012

Read more: http://www.locateancestors.com/esther-franklin/#ixzz4jhf9KNJA

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