onsdag 9 januari 2019

Daniel Ellsberg got the Olof Palme Prize. I met both in Paris in August 1981. I also made an interview with him

2018 – Daniel Ellsberg 

+ my interview with him 1981

Quoted from Dagens Nyheter January 9th 

When Daniel Ellsberg, a former military analyst and the world’s most
important whistleblower, exposed the U.S. Government’s secret war plans for Vietnam in 1971, he was well aware of risking a long time in prison and a spoiled career.
Regardless of such consequences, his decision led to the removal of a
mendacious government, a shortening of an illegal war, and an untold number of saved lives.
More than four decades later Daniel Ellsberg again takes on the Pentagon´s secret war plans. He warns us of a nuclear holocaust, caused by the refusal of the nine nuclear states to comply with the binding commitment of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons to further the goals of a nuclear-free world.
The 2018 Olof Palme Prize goes to Daniel Ellsberg for his profound
humanism and exceptional moral courage.
 The prize ceremony will take place in Stockholm on Wednesday, 
  January 30, 2019.
My interviw with Daniel Ellberg in August 6th in Paris:
Daniel Ellsberg has got the Olof Palme Prize. I met these two persons in Paris in August 1981 in a Peace March. Great meetings. My interview with DE is here: