onsdag 10 maj 2017

Larger lunatic than Trump in the White House has never been seen. Trump acts more and more like Nixon after Watergate

Trump kicks FBI boss James Comey. Dismissing the FBI boss - as Trump did last night - reminds me more and more of the desperation that President Nixon was in during the last year he was president.

I have just finished one of the latest books about Nixon, "Being Nixon. A Man Divorced" by Evan Thomas, one of the USA's best writers in this genre - political biographies.

It is in recent years that the best books have come about, for example, Nixon. One has the perspectives, previous secret sources have been opened, a number of new biographies about Nixon have come. That Nixon's hell after Watergate was so big I did not really understand, several of his coworkers were afraid he would die.

It was right early in the book that I began to notice that the similarities between Trump and Nixon were considerably large. Nixon had then had Watergate - with all that meant. He was reelected with a crushing majority. He had been in politics since 1946 to 1974 (28 years)

Trump has been in politics for more than 100 days and everything that has happened to him is, at least, the most remarkable. It's coming - pretty soon my opinion - to go to hell with Trump. A larger lunatic has never been in the White House. Nixon also dismissed an FBI boss, some of his closest advisors, the highest in the Justice Department and more.

A number of Democrats - both senators and members of the House of Representatives - have begun to demand independent investigators regarding Trump's contacts with Russia, it is mainly the biggest problem. Now the real match begins by the Democrats, breaking Trump.

They will succeed.

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