söndag 14 oktober 2018

When I visited The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, US some 46,5 years ago ( on March 25th 1972 to be exact)

Hallo Country friends,

I am quite new in this group and I want to share one special memory from Nashville and Grand Old Opry with you. I visited Nashville the first time some 46 years ago, on March 25th 1972 to be exact. I travelled around US for more than four months during – from February till the mid-June 1972. As a matter of fact I left New York just a few days before the Watergate burglary (June 17th)

I bought a program to the show. You can see it on one picture. It is quite heavy, 413 grams and 146 pages. Totally are around 60 country stars were presented. At my visit I heard around 20, some names were Roy Acuff, Tex Ritter and Skeeter Davis – all three on pictures. There are some other singers - that are in the program - but they didn´t did not appear that night, among them Dollie Parton, Hank Snow and Bill Monroe were the most famous.

I really had a very nice evening with all these country heroes. I didn´t have any ticket when I came to the Opry, but my press-card helped me as it had many times.

I have had this “Official Opry History-Picture Book” in my house during more than 46 years. The book has been hidden and forgotten in a carton that I moved with me for many years. But just a few days ago, I found this lovely memory.

PS I paid two dollars for the program.

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