onsdag 8 april 2015

Shame on you Eli Lilly, Shame on you - again

When searching for pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly on Wikipedia you will find one article of 23 pages, it is a formal and well written article. It is obviously written to make the best possible advertisement for Eli Lilly, and hardly a negative word can be read.

Since we have researched the matter Propoxyphene (Darvon and trademarks were Darvocet) for more than 20 years and know what immense damage - not least of death - this substance has caused over the 53 years it existed on the US market, we are particularly interested in what the company wants to talk about substance propoxyphene - which has been one of the company really big sellers during all the years. The company has over the years earned billions of dollars. 

My first search is on propoxyphene and I get no response at all. 

My second search is on Darvon and I get two answers, which says "Darvon, (an analgesic alternative to codeine, Introduced in 1957) and ..." and an analgesic, Darvon"

My third search is on Darvocet and where do I get one answer, "Darvocet (an analgesic for mild to moderate pain)"

Am I surprised?

Hardly. I have previously experienced that if you go into Eli Lilly's website, and looking at Darvon - Darvocet and Propoxyphene do you have for many years not had a single hit. This is quite remarkable.

The company has censored their own website, they have changed the story, they dare not speak of the reality.

In two or three years, however, the company felt compelled to include the shareholders to at least tell that the company faces thousands of lawsuits. Several pharmaceutical companies are now tuned in large amounts, but there have been a lot of legal complications - which kept on almost 4.5 years.

I've written it before and I'll write it again

Shame on you Eli Lilly, Shame on you.

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