onsdag 29 april 2015

India has major problems with Dextropropoxyphene - although the substance is banned for two years

There are some problem with the banning of Dextropropoxyphene (DXP) in India.  The drug was banned on June 14th 2013, and after that the consumption of the drug supposed to decrease.

The consumption figures for India was - according to INCB, (The International Narcotic Control Board) in Vienna – was almost equal to last year's figure - although DXP had sold only 5.5 month of the year 2013.

At page 182 on http://bit.ly/18KhgBp you find the consumption in kilogram of DXP in India during the years 2009 - 2013, these figures were released recently. During these years the consumption have been for year 2009 = 123 432 kg, 2010 = 134 766 kg, 2011 = 129 440 kg, 2012 = 134 440 and year 2013 = 132 000. 

After the last figure there was a note saying: 

 - The statistical report on psychotropic substances had not been received by 1 November 2014. 

Apparently there have been some problem with other drugs too, and we wonder why??

It is very surprising that a country is not able to report their figures "normal time", not least important, it had been to see how the figures for the year 2013 was in terms of DXP. 

The consumption for the year 2012 was 134,440 kg and an estimate for the year 2013 for the DXP could have been about half of the total, around 70 000 kg as DXP was banned on 14 June 2013. 

It is also surprising that - even in this day - there is information on the Internet that is still sold about 40 different brands containing DXP. A few years ago there were about 100 different brands with DXP. http://bit.ly/SHqyB6 

There have also been published a couple of scientific articles about the need of DXP for some patients in India “Dextropropoxyphene ban in India: Is there a case for reconsideration?” http://1.usa.gov/1bDXrh4 

Another article is: ”Ban on Dextropropoxyphene is Unjustifiable” http://1.usa.gov/1JTa5Um 

We do think that the Indian agencies have big problem with this, probably they have been subjected to strong pressure from parts of the pharmaceutical industry and today seems the government decision from 2013 - to stop DXP - be difficult to comply. 

We think the Central Drugs Standards Control Organization in India has big problem to solve http://bit.ly/1ERphDD

You will not find one singel world about Dextropropoxyphene on this homepage. 

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