torsdag 2 november 2017

I would like to make a notification of a package that has not arrived at the address - Washington Post - in Washington DC, USA

The package  number is (I will send this number to you via Messenger)

The letter was sent on Tuesday 17th of October at 17.20 from Katrineholm Sweden, according to PostNord, it will take 4-6 working days before the package is ready. Today it's November 2 - ie it's 16 days since it was broadcast - and the package is still not at the addresse.

Letters are always important but this letter is one of the most important ones I've ever sent. The package contains important research-results, including two doctoral theses and some other research data.

The letter - which was sent as recommended - is addressed to

Scott Higham, Washington Post, 1301 K Street, NW, DC, 20071 DC. USA

They have therefore expected to receive this letter since October 17th.

First, I could follow the letter on PostNord, but as the letter left Sweden, I've followed it all in

For three days - but not yesterday - I have been able to read the following on this site:

October 31, 2017, 9:15 am

In Transit to Destination ON ITS WAY TO WASHINGTON, DC 200710003

They have thus noted on several occasions that the letter is coming from any sorting station in Washington DC, ie the last bit can not be many meters.

How can this be possible ????

Ulf Jonasson


Just do not come with the information that you are not responsible for more than the bite in Sweden. I assume you are so decent that you contact the corresponding postal authority in Washington DC

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