torsdag 2 november 2017

Consumption of Dextropropoxyphene in all countries in the world from 1980 – 2015

Source; INCB (The International Narcotic Control Board)

Mail 2017-02-20 - 16:51 from My contact in INCB since many years. She answered a mail from me

Dear Mr. Jonasson,

Here the requested data covering the period 1980-2015. Data prior to 1980 are not available as they did not exist, due certainly to the fact that the drug got under international control around the end 70's and countries started reporting to INCB as of 1980, bearing in mind though that the drug was synthesised by Lilly Pharmaceuticals back in 1955. I am unfortunately not in a position to give you further and more precise info on the aforementioned. 

Best regards

Nabil Katkhouda

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