lördag 30 september 2017

Rotary International: Does anyone recognize any of these three young students?

They visited Frösö Rotaryclub (Club 12963, district 2330 in Sweden) sometimes during 1967 or 1968 when my father Nils Jonasson was President in the club. 

I am Ulf Jonasson - the son to Nils Jonasson – and I am a member of Katrineholm Rotary Club (Club 131 70, district 2370) and I just found these photos of the young three people. I do remember that we invited these students at a lunch in my home. I have many times wondered what it became of the three Rotary visitors.

Some years ago I visited the biggest Rotary club in Washington DC and I did like this very much. At that meeting there were many veterans. It was a strong experience to visit a Club in the US. 

My father did a trip from the east cost to the west cost in USA in 1961-62, He then visited seven Rotary Clubs, Miami, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Portland, Honolulu, Seattle and New York.

If someone would recognize any of these nice youngsters I would be happy if they would contact me. ( The pictures show the three youngsters and my father )


Ulf Jonasson PhD, and journalist

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