torsdag 30 mars 2017

Some of our most important tweet about Dextro-Propoxyphene (DXP)

I have special lecture named “David and Goliaths” – both in English and in Swedish. Once I was at the National Press Club in DC.

My press conference at the National Press Club about Darvon Sept 10th 2013

Our 20 years of research has saved thousands of lives. Darvon is now banned all over the world

Around 178 000 fatalities due to Darvon and Darvocet in US in 29 years.

We got some good attention in Sweden to our research about Darvon&Darvocet

The worst heroine epidemic ever in US could have started with Darvon years ago by Eli Lilly

Important data about Propoxyphene/Darvon from the director of CDC Tom Frieden. He admits that it does not measure propoxyphene!

523 000 persons in the world could have been poisoned to death due to Propoxyphene during 1985–2011

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