måndag 3 augusti 2015

Tweet nr 30,000 - mostly about propoxyphene - is now mailed from me

Today I have mailed my 30,000´s tweet, which is a right sizable number. I can also - via the internal statistics - say that of my sending tweets have 29,364 opened, which is an exceptionally high figure (97.9%).

Most of my tweets have been about the pain killing substance Dextro-Propoxyphene (DXP). We have studied this substance since 1994 and our doctoral theses were presented 2000 and 2001.

The substance was synthesized by the company Eli Lilly 1953 and the drug containing DXP came out on the US market 1957. The FDA in US banned the drug 2010, and today the consumption of DXP in the world is almost nothing. 

On June 22, I sent a tweet - see below -  where I accused Eli Lilly, one of Big Pharma in the world, to welcome everyone to their site, but they stopped me. I sent a picture that showed that I was "blocked". This has now changed, and the page was evidently opened for me. When this had happened I have sent 24,682 tweets. And now it was speed,

On well a month, about 5,300 tweets have been opened - and hopefully also have been read - which is obviously all-time high

Why send so many tweets, you might wonder. The simple answer is that it is my big chance to get our message spread throughout the world.

The images - even in terms of tweets - are very important, I have now experienced.

Now it is just to continue to affect the opinion in the world, mainly in the United States. The trials about Propoxyphene will soon be upon us . It is almost five years since DXP was stopped in the United States, but recent years have been devoted to legal finesse.

Eli Lilly and many other Pharma-companies are accused trying to do everything to prevent the legal activities should be initiated. It lies billion in the pot.

It should continue to be pretty exciting

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