onsdag 19 november 2014

Robert Redford, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein on Watergate

Dear Mr Robert Redford,

Yesterday I saw the discussion about Watergate that you had 2011 at LBJ Library together with Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein – and it was just GREAT. I am so old – 72 years - so I do remember Watergate. I visited one lawyer I got to know – I met his wife on a Rotary meeting in DC 2012 – and she parked the car in the Watergate garage - that was something. I almost saw the burglars. 

As a young reporter, I traveled around the USA(Febr-May 1972), and the burglary was in June 1972.

It was almost magical to listen to the three of you. I have read a lot about Watergate, also has a keen interest in the Kennedys, about 150 books, plus at least 100 additional books about the United States, its history and politics. Currently I am reading John W. Dean's latest book - where he can tell the truth, then it Most of this book is based on Nixon's recordings. http://amzn.to/14HtjOw

Over the last 11-12 years I have been visiting Washington DC six times to our research - if the analgesic Propoxyphene - brands were among others Darvon and Darvocet. Last year, I had a press conference at the National Press Club in DC and presented our research http://bit.ly/1fKUZFZ Our CV http://bit.ly/15Nf36b

My wife and I have studied the drugs since 1993. (We are both PhD´s ) The drug was synthesized in 1957 and was stopped in the US in November 19th, 2010 - exactly four years ago. We have been working many years with this, and now substance is stopped in the world – at 95%.

There are hundreds of lawyers and thousands of plaintiffs waiting for the trials, but the lawyers have worked in four years about the legal details – but up to know no trials have started. This research has been our life's great adventures - and tens of thousands of lives have been saved. This is a true and very interesting history.

In the video that I saw yesterday you spoke among other things about the process, the concerns and nervousness has driven you - and us in our research. I think the idea that two unknown Swedish researchers challenged the Big Phrama and the medical products authorities in several countries were not on our side from the beginning is kind of interesting.

We have challenged on of the world's largest pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly who made billions of dollars selling this substance - even though they knew that the substance killed many, many people.

It would be nice to hear from you

My mail is

Kind regards

Ulf J

Some of my most important tweets are about Darvon - Darvocet ( Propoxyphene) fatalities

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