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President Trump is the Joe McCarthy of today. Both are haters, McCarthy of communists, Trump of democrats and media.

I am just reading one of the most interesting books I ever read about US politics and diplomacy. It is “The wise men”. Six friends and the world they made, written by Walter Isaacson and Evan Thomas and the book was first published 1986. A paperback version of the books was published 2012.

The book – 853 pages – tells about “Six close friends who shaped the role their country would play in the dangerous years following World War II”. The six persons are; Averall Harriman, Dean Acheson, George Kennan, Robert Lovett, John McCloy and Charles Bohlen.

The person who inspired me to formulate the above tweet is Dean Acheson. My quotations are from the chapter "A different world", pages 480-504.

I can safely say that I was very surprised when I read this text from 1986. Most of the text seems to fit the current situation how President Trump acts today and how Senator Joe McCarthy was acting for a few years in the fifties.

During the years 1950 and 1953, was McCarthy and his associates known for aggressive campaigns against suspected Communists who it believed to had infiltrated the American administration. These campaigns have been compared by some to a witch hunt.

Among other things many people was forced in politics, the military, the media and entertainment industry to leave their jobs because of these campaigns.

In the nearly six weeks ago, since Donald Trump was installed as America's 45 president, and the world has already changed. Never before has a president been measured by such criticism Trump has suffered.

Giving the media by prohibiting well-known media such as CNN and the New York Times to attend the White House press conferences can be just a foretaste of what might happen. These thoughts worries people around the world

Page 493.

·       " McCarthy tapped into an old and deep know-nothing vein of American nativism, a virulent blend of FDR haters, Harvard Haters, Wall Street haters, Washington haters and just haters."

·       " He had started up a strange and terrible machine; he charged, the press printed, he charged, the press printed"

·      - He had in his hand a list of fifty-seven department of state employees who were Communist…"

·       " The numbers of reds in the State Dep changed from day to day – 57, 205, 81 and JMC never did catch a real communist"

·        " Joe McCarthy was still an obscure hack, voted the worst US senator in one poll of press corps"

'     Page 494.

·       " Truman was equally, if less eloquently, contemptuous." -  “Privately I refer to McCarthy as a pathological liar” -  “Of course we can´t do that publicly but that´s exactly what they are”

      Page 495.

·       " Indeed, McCarthy´s witch-hunt tore through the Department of States. In February the department announced that it had fired ninety-one employees, mostly homosexuals, as security risk in the last three years." 

·        " Over the next three years, the Loyalty Boards set up by Truman as a sop to the right wing in 1947 would fire hundreds more, of all types of innocents" 

When I read these lines of text I was filled with a deja vu feeling, history seems to repeat itself. What is it really; learns man never anything from history?

McCarthy had his worst time during the years 1950-53. When will his worst day start? Have they already started? How long will president Trump stay in the presidency?

On December 2, 1954, the Senate voted to "condemn" McCarthy with the fugures 67-22 and McCarthy died in disgrace May 2, 1957


The Wise men. Six friends and the world they made, by Walter Isaacson and Evan Thomas, 1986 and 2012. Chapter: A different world. Of Super bombs and primitives, pages 480-504.

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