söndag 28 juni 2015

My story about David and Goliath - Me and Eli Lilly. Will David win again?

A couple of weeks ago I was aware of the fact Eli Lilly – one of the BigPharma – had banned me - @DrUlfJonasson - in their Twitter account @LillyPad. What could our crime have been?

We have been studying the painkilling substance (Dextro) Propoxyphene (DXP) since 1993. Eli Lilly synthesized the substance 1953 and the drugs Darvon and Darvocet came out on the market, first time in 1957. We wrote and defended two doctoral dissertations concerning the fatalities of DXP.

Our research have given great results in the whole world, and our data was behind the decision to ban the substance in Sweden, in UK, in the European Union and finally in USA as well in India. We have estimated the numbers of fatalities due to DXP in USA and in the whole world. 

You find our CV here: bit.ly/15Nf36b

A few of our tweets: 

Shame on You Eli Lilly (2) – Why is there no research in US about the fatal consequences caused by Darvon & Darvocet? bit.ly/1BNYdEf 

Around 178 000 fatalities due to Darvon and Darvocet in US in 29 years (1982-2010) bit.ly/1HqEMTU 

523 000 persons in the world could have been poisoned to death due to Propoxyphene during 1985-2011 bit.ly/1fKUZFZ 

The drug was banned in USA in November 19th 2010 but the trials have not started yet. Hundreds of lawyers have worked in soon five years to prepare to the trials. It will all cost hundreds of millions dollars. 

Eli Lilly is the company – among many, many other companies - that will be most sued. It seems they will do anything to try to stop people that works against them – as lots of people do. I cannot find anything else than Eli Lilly is worried, may be very worried about the coming trials. That could be damages for several hundred million dollars.

And apparently some people in the company have also tried to stop us.

Here are the tweets we (and one for  Eli Lilly) have send concerning Eli Lilly

@EliLillyCo - Eli Lilly welcomes all - but blocks me. Proud over our research. http://bit.ly/1rwExg6  pic.twitter.com/Sku831aa9l

@DrUlfJonasson Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The issue should be resolved.

I am David and Eli Lilly is Goliath - I am the winner. Their painkillers were among the worst ever. http://bit.ly/1fKUZFZ  

Apparently we are a threat to the company as they banned us, talking about David fighting Goliath - and David will be the winner - as always. 

What happened after I and Eli Lilly published some tweets? 

During the five days these tweets were published (24-28 June) I had my most popular tweets ever: The number was 567 clicks, and just one day – yesterday - got 300 clicks. 

I do find it interesting, very interesting that the giant Eli Lilly, with around 38 000 employees and a revenue for the year 2013 in US-Dollars was 23,113 billion also is fighting us. 

Are they really scared for our research – and if – they ought to be that. 

Eli Lilly, never underestimate your enemy, they could be smarter than you think

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