onsdag 9 april 2014

I just bought: 'All in a century: The first 100 years of Eli Lilly and Company' (1876-1976)

The company was founded in 1876 - and  the story told in the book continued until 1976. Propoxyphene came out in the U.S. market in 1957 - and had thus been a great seller for the duration of 23 years - ie until 1976. 

For many years there has not been a single word about Propoxyphene - Darvon and Darvocet - in Eli lilly's annual accounting reports . The company has simply dark of the fact that Darvon and Darvocet have been among the company's most profitable products for more than 50 years - before the substance was stopped in Nov. 2010.

A couple of years ago came back a few short lines in annual financial about the lawsuits that Eli Lilly is facing. You could totally not ignore the company 's shareholders. In very brief, they wrote:

" Eli Lilly admits about 135 cases involve wing 1925 person Concerning Darvon and Darvocet trials in yearly report "

Now I can soon tell you more about Eli Lilly's " success story " in terms of the analgesic Propoxypohene - with the blockbuster brands Darvon and Darvocet - through the year 1976. And this thanks to the book I am now waiting to receive .

One of the most important issues to talk about - over our more than 20 years of research on Propoxyphehne - has been telling about the enormous amount of fatal poisonings that these painkillers caused, it is hundreds of thousands of deaths over the years that the substance was available .

And Eli Lilly will bear primary responsibility for these hundreds of thousands of fatal poisonings.

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