onsdag 26 mars 2014

Some minutes about us and Propoxyphene in Russian TV.......


(We get into the program after 30 seconds)

What do we really do in the program?

We got an email from Alla who works on the production company Indigo;

Dear Ulf and Birgitta,

Hope you are well! So I have translated your part of the film. Please see it below. I hope it is understandable )

Ulf: It entered the market in 1957. In the middle of sixties it was the most popular and widespread medicine of that time. But already in the beginning of sixties they knew that it was a dangerous medicine.

Voice-over: This married couple are the scientists in medicine. They were first who gave the alarm when found out that thousands of people die annually after taking inoffensive pain killer produced by the company Lilly.

Birgitta: We started our investigation, we found those people. It became serious for us after we had read 1600 files and found out about all that tragic deaths. And then there was a struggle against the pharmacological companies and agencies.

Voice-over: The struggle which took years and which was accompanied by tens of thousands victims considers Ulf Jonasson. But the company Eli Lilly didn`t want to stop selling the profitable medicine. Meanwhile during the 17-year of struggle the scientists became the collectors of the typical horrific stories with a terrible end.

Birgitta: For example, there was a guy who found several pills in a cupboard at a party. He mixed them with beer. In the morning he wanted to eat cereals. So he sat down to watch a sport tv program with a plate of cereals and died. His mother entered the room and found him dead.

Voice-over: Inspite of the prohibition of the medicine in Sweden the company Eli Lilly continues to produce and sell the pain killer which contains dextropropoxyphene.

Birgitta: This medicine is still used in the USA and in many other parts of the world. It is being sold in the quantity of 70-80 000 kilograms a year in US. It kills 5-6 000 people a year.

Voice-over: The medicine is being withdrawn from circulation in Europe but it is still used in Russia. Partially the reason is in our system of clinical trials. In Russia they don`t carry out a blood test on a perished person. So if a bad medicine was the cause of the death nobody will know. And the most important is that in Russia the clinical trials are being conducted by the same company which

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