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Local, National TV in Sweden and Russian TV about our reserach on Darvon & Darvocet.

Our CV http://bit.ly/1mB4LxE

523 000 persons in the world could have been poisoned to death due to Propoxyphene during 1985- 2011

We present here three reports on television about our research on the analgesic ( Dextro ) - Propoxyphene ( Darvon and Darvocet )

The first element was shown in local television in Sweden - http://bit.ly/1m8Aoe4   - the second in both the local TV and national TV in Sweden http://bit.ly/1dRhO5d The third element was sent to a Russian documentary programs in the television channel Channel One before this "Public Russian Television ( ORT)" http://bit.ly/1mwY7Yh

The entire Russian documents breaker - whose name was "Death on Prescription " - is here http://bit.ly/1fxEIPq

This is what was said in the Russian Show:

( We'll get into the program after 30 seconds )

What do we really do in the program?

We got an email from All who works on the production company Indigo ;

Dear Ulf and Birgitta

Hope you are well ! So I have translated your party of the movie . Please see it below . I hope it is understandable )

Ulf : It entered the market in 1957. In the middle of sixties it was the most popular and widespread of medicine That time . But alreadycreated in the beginning of sixties They knew that it was a dangerous medicine .

Voice-over : This married couple are the scientists in medicine . They were first who gave the alarm When found out That thou sands of people die annually after taking inoffensive painkiller produced by the company Lilly.

Birgitta : We started our investigation , we found those people . It Became serious for us after we had read 1600 files and found out about all that tragic deaths . And then there was a struggle against the pharmacological companies and agencies .

Voice-over : The struggle Which took years and Which was Accompanied by works of thou sands victims considers Ulf Jonasson . But the company Eli Lilly didn `t want to stop selling the profitable medicine . Meanwhile During The 17 -year struggle of the scientists Became the collectors of the typical horrific stories with a terrible end .

Birgitta : For example, there was a guy who found Several pills in a cupboard at a party . He mixed them with beer . In the morning he wanted to eat cereals . So he sat down to watch a sports television program with a plate of cereals and died . His mother entered the room and found him dead .

Voice-over : Inspite of the prohibition of the medicine in Sweden the company Eli Lilly Continues to produce and sell the painkiller Which contains dextropropoxyphene .

Birgitta : This medicine is still used in the USA and in many other parts of the world . It is being sold in the quantity of 70 to 80,000 kilograms a year in the U.S. . It kills 5-6000 people a year .

Voice-over : The medicine is being with drawn from circulation in Europe but it is still used in Russia . Partially the reason is in our system of clinical trials . In Russia They don `t carry out a blood test on a person perished . So if a bad medicine was the cause of the death nobody will know . And the most important Is that in Russia the clinical trials are being Conducted by the same company .

Documentary program shown in Channel One in Russia usually have 15-20 million viewers.

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