torsdag 4 juli 2019

Nora Volkow, NIDA and I started to discuss one of the opioids – Propoxyphene – 15 years ago. The works goes on but I want to highlight DXP's great debt to today's horrific epidemic.

The great lady in ths photo is Nora Volkow, MD, one of the most well-known researchers in the USA and the whole world. She is director of NIDA I Washington DC US - The National Institute of Drug Abuse - since 2003 in US.   

This woman ended up in the Times World List 2007 - 100 most influential people this year, she is a researcher studying how the brain reacts to different kinds of drugs, she is also the head of the national group NIDA - National Institute on Drug Abuse - Nora Volkov, one of the most prestigious assignments in drug research in the United States.

I was quite happy to meet her at her office in the DC area, the day was November 14th2004. The reason that I remember that day is that Yassir Arafat – the leader of PLO - died that in France, writes Wikipedia.

We had as very interesting discussion about the opioids, one special drug - namely ( Dextro) Propoxyphene.  None of us could then have had the idea that this discussion of opiates would continue today - almost fifteen years after our meeting. In the United States, this crisis is called "The Opioid Epidemic" - which would have begun in the late 1990s.

I have recently been working to change this approach. I believe that the current crisis started already in 1957 with Propoxyphene. The development has been catastrophic and now I think it is more appropriate to be called this crisis for "The Heroin and the Fentanyl crisis"

I have data that shows that DXP was on the US market more than 40 years before the other opioids – Oxycodone, Hydrocodone and Fentanyl.

In that very part of the opiate issue, we are not completely at par. However, we fully agree that the current crisis, which in 2017 required more than 70,000 victims of death, be the majority of opiates Heroin - which is mainly smuggled in from Mexico and Fentanyl where an enormous smuggling takes place from China.

The fact that Nora Volkow had a very varied life is evident, for example, from the following lines:

She is the great-granddaughter to the Russian revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky, and she grow up in the house where her great grandfather Leo Trotsky was killed, 1940, just 60 year. This house is now a museum.

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