söndag 22 december 2013

5 227 kg of Propoxyphene was prescribed on license in US during 2011

New data from INCB - The international Narcotic Control Board in Vienna – has been released. We are interested of the data from two countries namely USA and India. In spite of the banning there have been some prescriptions on Propoxyphene under license. It turned out to be 5 227 kg for the year 2011,  which can be considered a relatively high figure. It can also be said that the strongest resistance to the Propoxyphene was withdrawn would exist in the United States.

The prescriptions on Propoxyphene - written on the license - should decline significantly in the coming year - ie, 2012. The total prescription in the world was 142 430 kg.

Since US banned Propoxyphene in November 2010, India has became to largest consumer. In 2011 India consumed 92% of the world consumption of Propoxyphene. Even in 2012 India will have the highest consumption, but in the spring 2013 even India banned the drug.

From the year 2007 to 2011 the total consumption in the world was reduced from 285 865  kg to 142 430, around 50 %. We can estimate the world consumption the year 2012 to a few thousand kg.

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